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Agreement in Distance: A Guide to Writing and Editing for SEO

As a professional, you likely already know that keyword implementation and content structure are essential for online success. However, have you considered the role of agreement in distance?

Agreement in distance is a grammatical concept that refers to the agreement between subjects and verbs across clauses separated by intervening phrases or clauses. In simpler terms, it means making sure that your subject and verb agree, even if they are separated by other words.

This concept is especially crucial for online content, as it affects your content`s visibility, readability, and search engine ranking. Here is why:

Search engine algorithms favor accurate and grammatically correct content. Inadequate agreement in distance can impact your content`s readability, causing search engines to view it as low-quality. It can also lead to keyword stuffing, which can lower your ranking.

Similarly, readers prefer content that is clear, concise, and easy to understand. Agreement in distance errors can make your content hard to read, especially for readers with language challenges. This can impact your conversion rate and user engagement.

So, how do you ensure agreement in distance in your writing and editing?

1. Identify the subject and verb in each clause in your sentence.

2. Determine if there are any intervening words or clauses between the subject and verb.

3. Make sure that the verb agrees with the subject, regardless of intervening words.

Here`s an example: «The cat, along with the dogs, were running.»

In this sentence, «cat» is the subject, and «were running» is the verb. However, «dogs» is an intervening phrase that can lead to agreement in distance. To ensure proper agreement, we should change the verb «were» to «was.»

Revised: «The cat, along with the dogs, was running.»

In conclusion, agreement in distance is a critical element of effective SEO writing and editing. It ensures that your content is grammatically correct, readable, and search engine-friendly. By following the three-step process outlined above, you can ensure your content is grammatically correct and engaging, which can help you rank higher on search engines and improve your conversion rates.


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